Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cozumel, Mexico

If you happen to thinking about taking a cruise or flying to a warm destination for the winter, spring or summer vacation, then one should look no further than the beautiful white sands beaches of Cozumel, Mexico. Cozumel offers beautiful, breath taking views from the Mountains, Ocean, Maya temples and the deep sea diving or snorkeling that is second to none.The food prepared while on excursions or tours are excellent, fresh and are very tasty. The local citizens or natives are very friendly and most will go out their way to please the visitors from outside of their country.

While touring the Island I encourage all visitor to visit the famous, Passion Island better known as the place where the Corona beer commercials are filmed. One can walk hundreds of yards from the beach while in water and almost never fear the water going above chest level. If its included in your package, one could have their beverages and meals prepared for them as they tour this beautiful hide away island. Also if one is a history buff, I encourage them to visit the Maya temples. The views from the near by mountain are very beautiful and the tour guides are excellent tour story tellers. For those who enjoy shopping or just simply looking for a souvenir then the local mall or shops are a great value. Also for those planning on taking their visit beyond the cruising experience, I encourage them to book a few nights in the many beautiful hotels. The night life is unlike any around the world. Come to Cozumel, Mexico and enjoy an experience that unlike any around the world.
Cruises can range for as little as $299-$599 per person depending on the season and air flight combined with hotel stay can range between $599-1000 per person all inclusive. Book your trip today!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Orleans,Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana home of the New Orleans Saints, Pelicans, Super Dome, French Quarter,St Charles street, River Front mall, beautiful hotels, street cars, the beautiful and mighty Mississippi River. Famous attractions everywhere, a awesome place to party and the best food in the universe! There is no city in the world like New Orleans and once you paid a visit there you will never be the same. From the very unique people and the awesome Mardi Gras parades. New Orleans Louisiana, is the place to be especially during after the New Year! Why? Because this is when Mardi Gras begins, spring festivals are full blown and this is also when craw fish season begins. Right after Martin Luther Kings birthday, is when Louisiana comes alive, all over the state and all of the festivities are unique in their own way. But if one wants really wants the full blown experience, of  eating, partying, shopping, good music and an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime, then New Orleans Louisiana is the place to be.Come on down book a flight, then a hotel and take a tour.This year make New Orleans your first vacation destination of the New Year!

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Great Place To Enjoy The New Year!!!

If you haven't been to Baton Rouge, Louisiana lately then you are really missing out on the great changes that has been going on. Business are popping up just about everywhere and especially downtown. Construction is at an all time high and the employment rate is the lowest in the country. There are two great colleges, along with an awesome Jr. college and the capital city lakes are a site to see. But what's really good about living in Baton Rouge is that there are a lot of great places to eat, a good place to raise your children, a party town and a great place to bring in the New Year! New for Baton Rouge, is the red stick drop in Town Center, downtown Baton Rouge. There people can celebrate the New Year, in a special and unique way. Along with the two casinos, restaurants, clubs and beautiful hotels, downtown Baton Rouge is a great place to enjoy the New Year!!!
Happy New Year,

Friday, November 22, 2013

Local Or Chain Restaurants

The holiday season is here, now its time to travel or visit our family members. Many of them live only miles away, while most will live out of the state or out of country. Some of us may travel by car, while others ride the bus or train and the more conventional way or faster way of travel is by plane. Many of us don't care how we get there as long as get there. After all nothing could be more important than spending time with the people we love. All of us have a lot to be thankful for during the holiday season, after all we have almost made it through another year. Which brings up the question of the year, While traveling what type of restaurants offer the best value for their consumers local or chain? It is a fact until we get to our relatives house, where the food is really good, we all have to eat and I don't know about you but I like value. In other words if I am going to spend my money, I want to make sure its worth it or that the food is good.
After traveling to over fifty different cities from around the country and a few out of the country, I have found nothing beats the value or taste than a local restaurants. Not only is the food good, but the atmosphere or service provided can't be duplicated by the chain restaurants. Although many of them claim to have better value, than the local restaurants I have found when it comes to taste, quality or price even the more establish chains can't compete or service of the locals. Next time you travel to your next destination try a local restaurant. Then you will know which is better value local or chain. Are they good as mom's or even our grandmothers? We all know the answer to that question. But if you want something good, unique and a taste that you can't ignore then I recommend eating or dinning at a local restaurant.
Safe travels,

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cruising Time!!!

Every year millions of Americans take vacations and most are taken during the peak periods summer or spring. Because of college, high school, spring or summer breaks cruise ships, hotels and resorts often charge a premium for their services. Most hotel or travel agencies fees are at its highest point during these times. The question is when is the best time to take a cruise or the best time to get a dream vacation at a good discount? Fall or winter months are the slowest times and  for most cruise ships, hotels and major resorts. During the months of September, October, November And December anyone wanting to plan a trip or take a dream vacation will get theirs at a huge discount. Most cruise ships, hotels or resorts are giving up to 75% discount off of their regular fairs and some have, also included air fare or other perks as a bonus to draw discount hunting vacationers. These are just some of the perks that are being offered during the off season. Want to go on a dream vacation or cruise to the tropical island or country of your dreams? The time is now, cruising or vacation time, in the off season.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

So you are from out of town, on a business trip, visiting family or on vacation and you happen to be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One thought may come to mind, what is there to do in Baton Rouge? My answer to that question is very simple, there is a lot to do. There are three wonderful casinos, some of the finest restaurants in the world, very nice hotels and plenty of places to shop. There is the Mall of Louisiana, Cortana  Mall, Hammond Outlet and the beautiful Perkins Rowe. These places offer some of the best shopping places in the south and the prices are very reasonable. Also if you like to party, there are plenty of night spots, for the young and the old, from upscale to traditional. Many of these places offer live music, from local  artist or bands. If you aren't in the mood to party, then there is Blue Bayou Water Park. This amusement park offers some outstanding rides and the food from the several restaurants are great! Besides these places, down town Baton Rouge, offers some great scenery. Along with the view of the great Mississippi river, the beautiful Old Or New State Capital, The U.S.S. Kid, The Planetarium and other attraction's make Baton Rouge, Louisiana a great place to visit. My personnel favorite, is third street or Lafayette street which offer plenty of places to eat, shop or to party. What is there to do in Baton Rouge, Louisiana? As you can see a lot! Have fun, eat , party and enjoy.
Chucks 5 stars:
Chimes Restaurant; great food, excellent atmosphere and prices that will fit any budget.
Mike Anderson; also wonderful food, prices are good and as for as the budget is concerned please bring your wallet.
Dons Seafood; great value, food is very good and the prices are very good for an above average restaurant.
Copeland's Cheese Cake ; Excellent value, world class food, atmosphere is world class and the prices are very good for this type of restaurant.
Ruth Chris Steakhouse ; Perfect five stars! One of Baton Rouges best! Anyone from out of town must try this restaurant at least once. The food is great, prices are where they should be for a five star restaurant.
Off the cut places to eat:
For great breakfast or lunch at a very cheap price try these places.
Sonoco ; Awesome breakfast and great hot lunches. Prices start from $1.79- $7.00
Jasmines; Great lunches, very good food $1.99-$10.99
Try these two places and you will leave a very happy customer

Sunday, July 28, 2013

How To Avoid Vacation Nightmares?

Vacations are taken all through the year and if planned or research properly the vacation can be wonderful, but if not it can become a nightmare. Dirty or out dated hotel rooms, bad food , poor customer service and vacations spots that don't live up to expectations are just some of the nightmares that a consumer can experience. How does one avoid these nightmares? Proper research! Which means reading the comments left by past guest or recent consumers and making sure that the company that you are doing business with is giving accurate information. The reason why these comments are so useful , is because they tend to be very truthful and reliable. It may also give you a peek into the hotel room , time share or vacation spot that you are planning on renting. Just a bit of advice (from personnel experience) never believe the comments or reviews left by the vendor or the company that's providing the service. Because in most cases they were written by their employee's or staff and are very over rated. How does one find these useful comments or opinions, that can help one avoid these nightmares? Use Google, Yahoo , Bing or other search engine sites, they allow their customer's to leave or post comments and tell people about their personnel experiences.
 As an extra benefit before checking in, I recommend that  you read about the companies cancellation policies , before checking in a hotel or before booking a trip with a travel agent or a online vendor. Doing so can save the average consumer money and it can also help them avoid becoming angry or from wasting their time. Shocking as this may sound, many hotels, travel agents or vacation planners such as Expedia or Priceline now charge the full amount upfront and in most cases you only have 24 hours to cancel. Also each vendor now offers a survey as a way of gaging their costumer service or experience with their company. Please answer them honestly and if you have had a bad or good experience with that particular vendor, vacation spot or hotel. As a courtesy for future vacationers, one should leave comments on the companies website or search engines. That way you can help or aid others make their decision when choosing a hotel, vacation service, travel agent or website.  How to avoid vacation nightmares? By being smart, doing some research and checking things out first, before jumping in head first.
Have a wonderful vacation,